Olivier Hutman i a French jazz pianist with an impressive talent and background.

Composer and arranger in jazz for a variety of famous nams such David Gilmore, Maurice Béjart, Michel Legrand. Musician for Dee Dee Bridgewaters, Pepper Adamns and many more. Olivier

has been playing and touring since 30 years around the world and received various awards from, among others, the French Academy of Jazz.

More about him on www.olivierhutman.com

Lamine and Olivier met and played together for the first time in 2020.

They found each other instantly and decided to bet on their duo

The will record their first common album in November 2021 in Sweden

Manish Pingle & Lamine Cissokho

Manish Pingle is currently one of the finest slide guitar players (also know as a Mohan Veena) around. After few years of learning basics of classical vocal, he started his initial training in Indian slide guitar with Late Shri Vishnu Waliwadekar.From the years he spent studying with his Guru, he has developed a unique right hand picking style, blending it with powerful left hand slides.

Besides performing in many prestigious music festivals in India, Manish has also performed in various countries in Europe and Australia and has collaborated with « big names » as the Blues legend Michael Messer.

More about Manish on www.manishpingle.com

The meeting between Lamine and Manish is the meeting between two masters. They create together an unique and intricate music and released 2019 a first album, « New Continent », a beautiful and breathtaking one.

Fanta Yayo & Lamine Cissokho

Fanta Yayo is a singer and dancer from Guinea, who lives in Sweden since several years. She comes from a famous family of guinean musicians. Her voice is powerful and her charisma impressive.